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What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis is generally the cause of discomfort in the vaginal area, usually itching and foul odor. This type of infection is caused mainly by an overgrowth of bacteria in fungus in the vaginal area, causing a fishy odor and itching or general discomfort. It's humiliating for a woman, often causes a dip in self esteem, reduced sexual encounters, and general feelings of being dirty. It is one of the hardest things to cure, largely because it is recurring, most women refuse to talk about it and it's considered minor enough that not a lot of work goes into finding a bacterial vaginosis treatment that works.

Bacterial vaginosis symptoms are fairly basic, but very irritating. There is itching or burning in the vagina and smelly discharge; a fishy odor that can be anything from faint and irritating to downright noxious. Increased discharge can also be one of the bacterial vaginosis symptoms. Regardless of how severe the symptoms are, sufferers of this form of fungus infections are embarrassed and feel as though they have been unclean no matter how often they shower or douche.

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Bacterial vaginosis by itself is embarrassing and irritating, but ultimately harmless. However, such things rarely come alone. Bacterial vaginosis can be the vanguard of things like infertility or ectopic pregnancies, increased chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, and can be a sign that you are not getting enough vitamin B or other nutrients which will also have an impact on the rest of your immune system.

It is very important to not self-diagnose bacterial vaginosis because the same symptoms can be seen in more severe STDs such as trichomoniasis which must be treated appropriately or it will cause severe damage to your body. A bacterial vaginosis pregnancy is also made complicated by the bacteria; women may have an increased chance of ectopic pregnancy which causes the loss of the baby and even the loss of sexual organs, and the bacteria will infect the baby as well if proper precautions aren't made.

Finding a good bacterial vaginosis treatment is critical, especially since you'll want to enjoy physical relations, do basic things like swimming, and even have a baby in comfort. Going to a doctor will get you diagnosed, but you may well end up in cycle of taking antibiotics and creams that only work in the short term. A good bacterial vaginosis home remedy is a great way to go though; choose the right remedy and you can defeat bacterial vaginosis for good.

Choose well; a treatment that will address not only the bacteria, but also the lifestyle changes you need to make. A bacterial vaginosis home remedy is one of the best ways for many women to deal with bacterial vaginosis symptoms because it's cheaper and less embarrassing than going to the doctor, as well as being more affordable.

If you suffer from bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection, don't be embarrassed or feel alone. Sixteen percent of women in America admit to having this problem, and likely far more have it and won't admit to it. You are not alone and there are bacterial vaginosis treatment options out there as long as you are willing to try them.

Where Can I Get Help?

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